Overviews Of The 10 Best Board Meeting Software

Nowadays, with the help of digital systems that manage business processes, it has become possible to transfer strategic planning and control operations into automated functions. This article will analyze the functionality of board software in corporate management and its best solutions.

Why do the companies choose board meeting software?

Board meeting software is a new step in the development of corporate management. The software allows meetings of collegial bodies and working groups to be held in person, absentia, or remotely while ensuring safe work with data. It is also possible to carry out legally significant voting through an enhanced qualified electronic signature. Thus, the cycle of making strategic decisions and monitoring the execution of instructions for their implementation has become a complete process.

Board meeting software ensures many valuable features and functions which attract users because it greatly simplifies board routine operations. So, they are as follows:

  • automatic distribution of invitations to meetings significantly speeds up and simplifies the process of their preparation;
  • functions of automatic generation of protocol files, and reports, save time by eliminating routine operations for documenting the results of the meeting;
  • automatic generation of tasks based on decisions made at the meeting can significantly reduce the time interval from the moment of the meeting to the receipt of the task by the executor. As a result, the total time spent on the execution of the order will decrease;
  • protocol and report files are generated according to customizable templates, which gives an additional opportunity to customize the presentation of information;
  • full-fledged work with assignments for meetings.

It is sometimes more efficient to use not scheduling methods but lighter tools to quickly solve certain project tasks. For example, assignments. At the same time, it is important to know who, what, and in what time frame should be done, as well as to ensure that no single order will be lost.

In addition, the software is based on a three-tier architecture of web applications: presentation of information for users, application business logic, and data access. This approach optimizes the speed of processing user requests and providing the requested information and simplifies integration with third-party information systems.

The overviews of the best board software solutions

The choice of video conferencing software and the collaboration tools like board portals is more than finding a solution that a company needs. Today, this tool should be as functional as possible, simple, secure, and convenient for users and administration because it will be used almost 24/7.

Many years ago, when collaboration tools were new, typical evaluation criteria included basic features: the ability to make video/voice calls, both 1-to-1 and in the form of a multipoint conference, the ability to exchange documents, exchange messages with other team members. Currently, these features are standard for any product from the collaboration segment, so finding the right solution becomes easier and more complicated simultaneously.

So, the top 10 best board meeting software solutions include:

  1. BoardTrac
  2. Zeck
  3. Wrike
  4. Parabol
  5. Diligent
  6. Nasdaq
  7. Boardadvantage
  8. Boardeffect
  9. Boardmaps
  10. Diligent.

All of these solutions have 3 main goals:

  • to make board members more efficient,
  • to make the process of project management more productive and efficient, 
  • to make the management of the company’s project profile more convenient and transparent to outsiders.

As a result, the use of such systems and the subsequent transparency of work make it easy to determine the causes of overruns or errors, optimize costs and effectively reduce costs (time, financial, and labor).